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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2006 04:01 pm
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Friends...The question " Is the Rebel Flag a racist symbol?"

The answer should not be debated. It is CERTAINLY a racist symbol and has been for more than   140 yrs!!  I have been to many events (especially at the the Southern Poverty Law Center programs) & Klan, SCV, UDC, League of the South-ers (let's call them LOS-ers) & Neo-Nazi members ofter turn out, all displaying the Reb Battle Flag along with obnoxious
and  and often threatening signage.  I have NEVER seen any SCV or UDC member turn on the other groups for using their REB Battle flag.( I think JAVALI wrote a GREAT editorial on this very thing a few months back at this very site!). 

As a former worker in the Civil Rights battle and a school administrator during  school integration here in THE SOUTH, I speak from experience , tainted with shame and embarrassment for the acts of SCV members and others who were and are determined to put the battle flag in the faces of not only minorities, but all of us.  This just didn't happen in the "old days"....but as recent as last October when  my name was placed on the "Wall of Tolerance" in Montgomery, Al. headquarters of the SPLC, there they all were...not condemning one another as to who or who did not have ownership of the Rebel Flag, but hanging out like a bunch of cousins at a family reunion!!  Of course, it made the ceremony even more a source of pride for me & my fellow inductees. Thanks!!

In Ocala, Fl. the REB Battle flag still was flown in front of the County Court house in this CENTURY!  Think for just a minute of being a black resident living there, descendant of  slaves, and having to do business in that court house, and having to look up at that Battle Flag!  As the head of the Concerned Citizens of Ocala, (a Black minister) explained it, .." If K-Mart flew this flag in front of their store, I sure wouldn't go there to buy my shoes."  Me neither.

It's obvious that those who confused the Battle Flag (never adopted by the Confederate Congress to represent the CSA) and the Stars & Bars (an officially adopted CSA symbol) should NOT be in this exchange (No Offense to you).  But an exchange here on the "BOARDS" is about learning and
comraderie...we are all brothers & sisters with a common interest in a period of American History....the Civil War. No, it would be stupid for us to fall for the line put out by Southerners that we are trying to "bury" their symbols, for that is just a lie. The Rebel Flag is part of our history and should never be hidden. But it needs to be displayed at
(1) reenactments (2) accurate living history events (including confederate memorial ceremonies) and (3) in museums. Who can tell me WHY it needs to be anywhere else?   Let's ALL be a little more tolerant...and stop blaming minorities for trying to erase the Battle Flag from history.  And let's re-spect the School dress Codes. Somehow this even crumbles into just another attempt to be divisive.

And above all, stop using that lame whining about "Old Glory" being a racist banner whenever this Reb Flag debate is tossed around.  Have you looked at an American Flag since 1865?  I just looked out my window at mine (which flies in my yard right near my replica Napolean Cannon) and geez, friends, it don't look like any flag that ever flew when slavery was legal...(oops... did I just say there was a time when you would EXPECT a US flag & slavery should have existed (legally) the same time in history???)

OK...thanks for listening.  But before you start mumbling about some 'Damn Yankee' let me tell you I live in the South, my 7 kids were born and raised (and attended school) in the South and one of my ancestors, whom I honor & respect was the highest ranking Naval Officer to come out of the CSA

Admiral Franklin Buchanan.  So let's not turn our discussion board into a mean spirited debate over this issue. I am sure I won't change your thinking if you fly the Reb flag at your home, and you sure won't change mine!!! Until next time, I remain, your most obedient servant...Ulysses



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