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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2008 12:53 am
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I'm pretty sure Little Mac got' em somewhere! To within 6-10 miles of Richmond, I think?

That is a nice point, Joanie. And Mac did it with far less casualties than Grant. And you can bet Grant's men were aware of that fact, too.

The difference, of course, is that Mac wasn't Grant. At Seven Days, Mac was no longer going against Johnston. Why do you suppose Mac got as close to Richmond as he did? When Lee enters the picture it changes everything in the equation. The cautious Mac, filled with excuses, isn't up to the task of actually having to fight real battles against a real general. He sees twice as many Confederates as there really are, pulls back when on the cusp of victory. Maybe he's afraid of taking casualties, who knows? And so the war continues. Mac was a turd. Talk about neurotic.

Imagine if the aggressive Grant is running the Peninsula campaign, especially if he's facing Johnston. Slam dunk, game over. And, gosh, just think of all the lives that would have saved. The war might have been shortened so dramatically that there wouldn't have been enough battles to even consider Grant to be a butcher.

Moment of levity - just re-read my 4-am-ish post - it sounded like Grant refused to care for his wounded bears - like he kept pet circus animals or something.

Actually, it made sense to me when I was reading it at 5 a.m.-ish

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