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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2006 07:25 pm
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MAubrecht...Thanks for the Post.  Of course I think everyone is entitled to an opinion on this issue, but even you repeated my caution to not making this a "meanspirited

debate" and the operative word there was "MEANSPIRITED".  So obviously a man such as yourself, (tolerant, proud of your heritage,etc I gathered)  must know the flag (HISORICALLY A RACIST symbol) has a rather devisive intent, no matter WHO

waves it around at 'demonstrations'.  But so is the ploy of SCV seeking proclamations

for "April is Confederate History Month" (Suffolk Va. News, CWI website, March 2006).  Truth is, if the SCV & UDC would have asked for the month to be CIVIL WAR

HISTORY MONTH ( afterall, Union reenactors were taking part as well), they would not have boycotted the event (remember the kid down the block who always took

his ball & went home when he didn't get his way?)  Of course, Suffolk is just one town of many where the officials refused similar proclamations with the "honorable"

SCV threatening to kick them out of office ASAP. I touch on this, because the original lead POST that got this started fits into this catagory.  Check it out.

We may be more alike than you think. Heck, I own a Rebel Battle Flag myself! I have

even been a featured Confederate Memorial Day speaker and have received  stand-

ing ovations after addressing large (100+) SCV meetings!!   Here's a difference, though.  If blacks (Haitians, Mexicans, Guatemalens, etc.) annoyed me with loud boom box music playing I would repectfully ask them to stop. Try to get a REB to put the battleflag away the same way...yeh, right.  By the way, my state has a law that

auto-blaring music can't be heard beyond 25 ft.!  It's hard to picture that you have this drive-by occurrence so often down your they park at your house or something just to annoy you?  Come on. now.... how long does "driving by" take??

Get involved in your local town council & go for the law.  That's how it's done. And you will impress the other neighbors on your block for doing it right. They MUST be

as annoyed as you.  But when you bring this up as a comparison to a REBEL BATTLE

Flag being offensive to some of our fellow, my my...!

Brother Aubrecht, I was hoping you would have commented on my idea to protect

the Battle  Flag for History's sake.....but, perhaps another time.   Oh, and as far as

those Indians on the Reservations who fly the American Flag (compliance with US Flag Code) I just don't hear them complain. In fact, most of them are still very proud of the fact that another NATIVE American helped raise the same symbolic banner on

IwoJima in WWII.   Please tell me that the SCV isn't going to try to put the Battle

Flag on Indian Reservations.!!!?   Otherwise, what the heck of trying to insert it in

the dialogue?  Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and opinions.  I do respect

your right to have them....ULYSSES 


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