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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2008 02:57 am
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Me too! Rhea really short-changes Lane’s brigade. Weisiger’s brigade gets lost in the woods and never comes up to support Lane in his attack. Lane captures three or flags in the attack, which Mahone (Weisiger’s commander) claims as his own. After Lane destroys the 17th Michigan and most of the 51st Pennsylvania, he is forced to retreat. Mahone rides up and wants to know why Lane is abandoning his Virginians. One officer of the Lane’s brigade comes up to Mahone, pistol in hand, and calls Mahone out, calling him a SOB and treating to shoot Mahone. Mahone rides away.

CWT has had that article for at least a year and I’ve not looked at it since they accepted it. Might need to pull it out and brush up on the “facts.”


I have seen the play, and I saw it on PBS a month ago? I have some details here someplace, but I’ve probably not looked at them in 5 years. I’ll need to find them.

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