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 Posted: Thu Apr 6th, 2006 09:18 pm
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Art B.

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Hello All...

I agree the locals need to handle this, BUT...

The marketer/developer seems to be very insensitive about the national cemetery and university located near the planned casino/hotel complex. The SPIRIT of the development is in direct, glaring contrast to the SPIRIT of the Gettysburg township and its agricultural, historic, and educational nature.

I think the developer is TAKING ADVANTAGE OF the 2-million-visitor base that HISTORIC Gettysburg provides his proposed operation. I suppose you could call that a shrewd business move, but I consider it a RIP-OFF. Gettysburg's entrepreneurs create and pay for advertising and promotional materials that focus on the bucolic beauty of the locale, the heritage of the US, and the like. The casino firm won't have to spend so much in advertising to attract folks to the town -- 2 million folks already go there due to the efforts and expenditure of others. The casino undoubtedly will siphon some of the money out of visitors' pockets, leaving the tourists less to spend amongst the produce-sellers, bookstore owners, tour guides, souvenir shops, and others.

The $1,000,000 a year "bonus" that the operator promises to share with the township: will that go for extra police (traffic control? crime investigation?), road widening and traffic signals?, psychological counseling services for gambling addicts and crime victims? One million ain't gonna be enough; one million ain't fair enough.

The arrangement should be $1 million a year to the burg as a base allocation PLUS a percentage of the casino's annual take. A Gettysburg official should be on some kind of governing board to monitor the figures, NOT somebody in Harrisburg overseeing the PA gambling commission. LOCAL.

As for me, I'LL NEVER SET FOOT IN THE SLOTS CASINO IN GETTYSBURG. Even if I'm driving by the casino and Nature calls loud-and-clear, I'll stop at some other facility to ... use the facilities.

Art B. in Tampa, FL, where I've never gone to the Seminole Indian casino.

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