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 Posted: Sat Apr 8th, 2006 03:29 am
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The offical flag of the United States of America from 1776 to 1865 always flew over slavery. You are correct that the present day flag did not, however this does not mean it is not a symbol that slavery was once condoned by the government. The rebel flag is only a racist symbol to those who wish to find any excuse to cause trouble. There is no one in alive today that knows what it was like to be a slave. They may have read about it or been told about it, but they have no first hand knowledge or experience of slavery. Without an first hand knowlege you can not know what slavery was like. Was and is slavery wrong, yes. This does not mean that a historical symbol a 140 years old should be banned. Southeners have a right to their heritage just as any other people. I agree with MAubrecht, we are all Americans and using ______American, you fill in the blank with any ethnic background you like, is not what Americans should do. I find that quite racist. Why are the people who are against the Rebel Flag not against the many others who held slaves long before and for a longer time then the South? Why not be offended by their ansestors in Africa who sold their people to the slave traders?


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