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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2008 10:39 pm
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Ah, yes, Custer.  Let's just say Libby Custer was a master at PR.

My favorite Custer story is when he rides into Longstreet's camp at Appomattox.  He rides up to Longstreet "with his flaxen locks flowing over his shoulders, and in a brusk, excited manner, said, - 'In the name of General Sheridan I demand the unconditional surrender of this army.'"

Longstreet responds by saying that he was not the commander of the army, that Custer was within the enemy lines without authority addressing a superior officer disrespectfully, and that if he were the commander of the army he would not surrender to General Sheridan.

As Longstreet says in his memoirs: "Custer then became more moderate and said it would be a pity to have more blood shed upon that field and rode back to his command."

Best part about stories is that sometimes they say it all.


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