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 Posted: Sat Apr 8th, 2006 03:27 pm
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Shadowrebel...reading your post reminded me of the time asa kid when my slightly older brother got caught scooping some icing off a birthday cake my Mom had made for a party.As he always did in situations like that he pointed to me and whined, "Well, HE did it, too." It was usually a lie, of course. The Rebel battle flag is a racist symbol....accept it and stop trying to tiptoe around trying to make Blacks your enemy.  It was interesting how you linked the REB flag racism, to Africans taking captives and trading them to slave-traders! Geez, Shadowrebel, I can show some similarity in the world of Biology...starting with the Amoeba. Better yet, the Bible is full of such slave stories!!  But the African story seems to fit your example, even though the rest of us just don't get it.("Hey, Mom...HE did it too...")And you seem to be very sure that no one living today knows what slavery was like....but I wonder if you hang out with those SCV members who dress up in CW costumes on week-ends and think they know what THAT  was like in 1861! Or maybe some LOS-er was the guest speaker at your SCV gathering and TOLD you how it was. But I will disagree with you...just as we still have some Real Sons & Daughters  among us, there are, too, real sons & daughters of slaves. Ihave met a few and my wife (a writer)  years ago interviewed "Annie", aged 102, in a retirement home in Georgia.  Her family stayed on the Plantation after the Civil War. In Florida, several diaries written by Plantation owner's kids have been compiled by the University of Florida Press.  Hey, that's pretty damn close to knowing "how slavery was."  And finally, Shadowrebel, how close did you read my posts? Or for that matter, Javali's?  I see nothing about anyone wanting to BAN your precious historical  banner anywhere you?  In fact, my proposal would keep the flag protected...which is more than racist southernors (and others) have done for the past 140 years!  Go back &check it out. By the way, does your SCV Camp display Old Glory at their meetings?  Do the members recite the Pledge?Calling it like it is does not make me your enemy. I am one of many trying to fix what's broke in this country, and the only people I see standing in the way are those whose Heritage(if you are willing to admit  it) is linked to the devisiveness in this Country....and we all know who the main players are in this "Heritage".  I can send you a list if you don't know. In fact, I can send you some photos...and guess whose Racist flag is seen in nearly every shot?  I would rather we join together, to bring our Country closer...for all AMERICANS. Who knows, we just might clean up the image of that darn racist flag that the REBELS worked so hard to tarnish.  And your being offended by _________ Americans...does that include SOUTHERN Americans as I see on bumper stickers & tee-shirts hanging in sutlers tents at reenactments? Hmmm.In fact, I will send you a list of all SCV Camps who have taken Old Glory down and/or refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance...because of the word " Indivisible".In the meantime, give some thought to how lenient & generous the North (Damn Yankees) were to those Southern soldiers while many around the government shouted "traitors". Still, not enough, they (Reb vets) continued the "war" against the North through the KKK.  Time to grow up and move on, don't you think? Thank you for the Post, Shadowrebel. I respect your opinions as I do your right to express them.  Best wishes..Ulysses



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