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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 02:53 am
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 You make some interesting asumpstions about me. Unfortunatly they are wrong. I am not trying to make blacks my enemy, I have many black friends. I do not know any SCV members nor do I belong to any such group and any information I have regarding the Civil War or slavery was gained by research. I do not do any re-enacting. As I stated in my post _____ American of any kind is racist. I stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance anytime I have the opportunity. You are not my ememy. If you check you will see I am from Pennsylvania, not exactly your typical Rebel state, so I have no Southern heritage.

 As for the rest of your reply: You said you want to limit the Rebel flag to three place;(1) reenactments (2) accurate living history events (including confederate memorial ceremonies) and (3) in museums. I guess that means not banning it to you, only partial banning it. Banning anything in any form is still banning it. Thank you for illustrating my point that slavery was around long before the South was.Why not be angry at any party who condoned slavery, not just the South? The only way to know what anything really was you have to live it. No one alive today was a slave during the Civil War, pretty damn close to knowing is not knowing. The diaries compiled by the University of Florida are quite limited compared to the Slave Narratives. I seem to remember from history class something about England calling some group traitors, um let me think, oh yes our founding fathers. They invoked the same reasons for revolt against England as the Southern state did. The Rebel flag is not what is wrong with this country, there are many things wrong, these issues however have no place for discussion here. Thank you for respecting my opinion, as I do your's. I happen to think the South had every right to succeed from the Union.

  I would appreciate it if you would not attack my character. I did not attack your's.



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