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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 04:58 am
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And a lot of that blame also falls on Lee, for such attacks like Malvern Hill and Gettysburg.

On this I agree with you. Let's meet at the stone wall and shake hands.
(Paging JoanieReb, Paging JoanieReb. I agree. I agree.) :)

Someone wrote earlier about Grant having just as good a success against Lee in 1862.

That someone would be me. What I said was imagine if an aggressive Grant were running the Peninsula campaign, especially if he was facing Johnston. I tossed that out there as a throwaway thought. Certainly, it's speculative, a what-if-er. But, OK, I'll bite. Jackson spent much of the Peninsula campaign performing brilliantly in the Valley, and wasn't summoned to the Peninsula until after Seven Pines. When he does arrive, one of the first things he does is fall asleep for an hour at White Oak Swamp, squandering opportunity. Not his finest hour, I imagine, unless he had some really pleasant dreams. Anyway, in my imaginary scenario, there's no need for Jackson because Grant would have already overwhelmed Johnston and would be standing on Chimbarrazo Heights smoking a cigar. Because this is speculative, it's all posh, of course, but fun to consider. (I love that word 'posh.' I never used it until Johan got me hooked on it. Now whenever I use it in conversation at the coffee shop, people look at me funny. At least, I think that's why they look at me funny). Posh, posh, posh.

That's a nice point about Mac creating the AofP, though. He was a brilliant organizer and his men loved him. But as we've seen, Grant took an army that was inherently different than Mac's, and the men still threw themselves against the fortifications at Cold Harbor. I can only assume that such men would have followed Grant if he had been on the Peninsula, and possibly in the same way they actually did follow him in the west at Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg.

Yeah, but I bet we could go one-for-one with this; you come up with a supportive quote, I come up with a negative one....

After Cold Harbor, you could probably come up 10-to-1. I simply used this quote as an illustration. I came across it accidentally and it seemed to fit the discussion.

So let's let sleeping dogs lie with that one, until I'm feeling just downright ornery, anyway.

My mistake. I thought you were feeling ornery. ;)

OK, now this is another thread. It could get a bit broader is scope, I'm sure. You know what to do, General Clewell...

I'm a retired person, which means I no longer multi-task. No multiple threadwork from me.

***I need to throw in a mea culpa here. I said I had written in a previous post that I knew Lincoln was reelected as a result of Federal success in the west, but now I can't find it. More likely, I probably thought I had written it. Anyway, rest assured that I know it's true and I apologize for the false claim. As I said, I'm retired and suffer from occasional bouts of CRS.

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