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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 06:22 pm
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Your day in Gettysburg will stay with you forever. Mine is of Shiloh. I was born and raised in Florence, Alabama, about 50 -60 miles from Shiloh. My family has some land and a fishing camp on Pickwick Lake about 10 miles upriver from Pittsburg landing, so I pretty much grew up familiar with the terrain.

First visit was 1955 and I will never forget being in the Hornet's nest or the discovery of just what a "sunken road is" or the sight of Bloody Pond, but the biggest thrill was to see a canteen with a bullet hole in it and a cannonball lodged in a tree trunk. These items were at the visitors center...they still have both, but are not on display, last time I was there. I have been back inumerable times since but always remember that time as a boy....and yes I sat on the muzzle of a canon..

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