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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 02:40 pm
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Shadowrebel..Thanks for your Post. I did not think I attacked your character and apologize if my response came through thatway. Keep in mind, the POST originally dealt with 'Is the Confederate Battle Flag A Racist Symbol?' I say YES, you say "NO". I find it fascinating that so many "SHADOW" (not a reference to you) explanations are brought to the table based on that one question.  Most such statements are used to misdirect our attention from the question itself.  The early colonists traitors?  Yes, they were. That was their own know,..."we all hang together or we will hang separately", etc. You probably read that an ancestor was Franklin Buchanan and if you have read any bios on him, you know that Thomas McKean, signer of the Declaration, the 4th Battalion,etc is an ancestor. (5x Gr-Grandfather to me), so I grew up with access to a lot of personal notes left by Pappy McKean. I guess I am guilty of aiding the word "slavery" to dominate our exchanges here on this issue...when it should be shared with my distaste for so-called  'white-supremecy'.  I do not want to ban the Reb battleflag...but try to REMOVE it from the hands of hate groups....afterall, that's what the Civil War Southern Heritage groups claim they want,too. So, I try not to look at the 18-19th Centuries with 21st Century eyes.  Those who claim their Southern Heritage (CW era interest groups or independent parties such as yourself) want to display the flag in support of that period history, my proposal changes nothing,and nothing is "banned". Think it through. THEY claim they want it taken away from those 'hate' groups...and  seem to be clueless on what to do. And if you saw these same history/heritage groups putting up that Banner on even the most public of buildings to resist school integration....I am sure you would see the racism in that.The current leadership of the SCV even openly acknowleges that part of their "heritage", and says it's membership should recognize this.  They hold National Elections in August, so let's see how they approach this .  Thanks again  for your POST...again I respect your opinion and your right to debate them. Why not tell us YOUR plan to solving this situation...or do you think everything is just OK the way it is?....Ulysses


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