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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 07:13 pm
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My first visit was to Bull Run in 1977 when I was visiting a friend in Fairfax.  It was July , hot and humid.  We wandered around the area near the stone bridge. Now here's the funny part , a couple of days later we went to the Visitors center near the Statue of Stonewall.  I actually at the time thought I was visiting two different battlefields.  This time I was at Manassas!!!!  I wasn't so up on Civil War at the time .  I was into Medieval English History and American Western History. 

My first REAL visit to a battlefield that started my journey that I am on now all started when I saw a sign while I was traveling cross country after I retired from teaching.  I planned a trip from California to Boston for a month of sight seeing and visiting friends.  I had spent time in Oklahoma searching for family graves and seeing the town I use to visit when I was a child.  I was cutting across the corner of Arkansas to get to Springfiled Mo. to visit a friend.  There it was the little sign that said Pea Ridge.

I said to myself, that is a Civil War battlefield I should visit it .  I made a left turn and headed to Pea Ridge.  I bought a cd of the tour route and drove around the site.  I took tons of pictures read all the markers. I was hooked.  I then drove on and stopped off in Springfield for my visit but on the way saw that Wilson Creek was right there and visited that site.  In talking to the ranger I ended up buying two books.Belle Wiley's Johnny Reb and Billy Yank.  They were the first two books in my now Civil War library.

Since then I have visited many sites and laugh at my mistake at Manassas/Bull Run.


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