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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 02:48 pm
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History Channels "10 Days" series begins tonight. We hope most of you will watch and share your opinions on each episode here. For some reason, they're not running them in chronological order. Here the air times:

Antietam - April 9 - 9pm E./8pm C.
Massacre at Mystic - April 9 - 10pm E./9pm C.
Einstein's Letter - April 10 - 9pm E./8pm C.
Murder At the Fair - April 10 - 10pm E./9pm C.
When America Rocked - April 11 - 9pm E./8pm C.
Gold Rush - April 11 - 10pm E./9pm C.
Scope's Trial - April 12 - 9pm E./8pm C.
Homestead Strike - 10pm E./9pm C.
Freedom Summer - 9pm E./8pm C.
Shay's Rebellion - 10pm E./9pm C.

Looking forward to some reviews of each episode!

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