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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 10:32 pm
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   My point about no living ex-slaves is that if you do not actually experience something you cannot know what it is like. There are many conflicting accounts about slavery. I do not think slavery was right no matter when in history it occurred. My other point is that slavery existed for centuries. Why does the South get the blame for its existence? The North did not exactly fight hard to eliminate it. The Civil War did not start over slavery, it was one part of it certainly not the main factor. I never said the flag should be flown over public domains rather that the people of the South have the right to use it to honor the brave who fought for what they believed in as long as it is on their private property. Your and Ulysses point about where it should be allowed is fine, but what is wrong with a property owner displaying it if they wish? At no time should anything be used to degrade another.

   As for the fact that slavery was legal, before the Civil War is that no one seems offended by this. I have never stated there is any justification for slavery. On the contrary, I have stated that there is not any reason that can justify slavery. I am well aware of the history of slavery. The issue of slavery was a States issue not a Constitutional issue before 1865 when slavery was outlawed. The states in the South did not want to give up any of their rights prior to the war, after which the were forced to by having to ban slavery to be re-admitted to the Union. This should have been done long before they were forced to.

   I agree that there is no “good side” I think both are just as bad.

   Finally, I think do not think that allowing for historical events to display the flag is a partial ban, rather not allowing private citizen to display it on their private property is where the ban come from. I believe both sides have a right to their history, what the compromise is; I think forgiveness is the place to start along with laws to punish those who chose to use historical items or any other means to promote racism or any other troublemaking. I think both sides have a right to their heritage and that with understanding and compassion both can co-exist.

   I hope I have cleared up any points that were not clear. I think you have valid arguments on both side. Thank you for the great forum to express your thoughts.



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