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 Posted: Mon Apr 10th, 2006 01:52 am
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   You are lucky to have ancestors from both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It must be interesting to read what they had to say back then. Your post did come across as an attack; however, I take no offense, as I do not feel you intended harm. Your are passionate about your believes, as am I, I respect that and will use your and others post as an educational opportunity.

   I also think that much of the controversy surrounding the Rebel flag is about “white supremacy”. Hate groups have no business using history to further their agendas, nor do they have a place in a decent society. I just do not think those who wish to honestly honor their ancestors who fought or died for their believes should on their private property be allowed to display the flag. I have no argument with your and Javals’ position where the flag can be displayed in public as long as it is not used to degrade anyone. I see racism in any use of history that harms another. Many Southern group take a stance about their heritage that rubs me the wrong way. Hiding behind your heritage to promote unethical and immoral behavior is offensive.

   I would begin to resolve the issue by forgiveness and compassion for all involved. No person today is responsible for slavery that caused the problem, so to forgive past wrongs and have compassion for both sides is only natural. I would enforce the current laws against racism and create new laws to deal with the improper use of history (in this case the Rebel flag) to create racism and any other intentional abuse. I promote education as a tool for understanding any issue. If more people would study the period and understand what was happening they might be more willing to work to end the controversy. Since slavery has been around for centuries, it will take some time to end the feelings created by it. Unfortunately, things need much fixing and are far from the way they should be.

   I feel I take my views of history from the context of what was happening at the time and am a little more open minded about and forgiving of the past. That may not be a great statement on my opinions, but I really do not know how else to put it.

   I look forward to reading your post on any subject here. You have many good points and are open minded about others and that is all anyone can ask of another. It would be a dull forum if all agreed. Thank you for your insight and comments on my post.



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