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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 02:27 am
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NOt arguing with anyone about the folly of PC, however this is apparently a new theory and so I am gonna check it out for myself when I get to Gettysburg. The best thing I can think of for the new theory is that it would provide at least a tactical reason for Lee insisting on the charge towards the center. I have never bought the argunment that if they have been attacked on each flank unsuccessfully, then they will be weak in the center. That is hogwash or worse. Lee was no dummy and he wasn't just having a bad day. After the business with the orders and cigars, he never committed orders to writing again and to the best of my knowledge operated on a need to know basis. Thus, he may not have felt Longsteet needed to know about what Stuart was up to... better theory than a bad hair day! We need to also remember we have the benefit of 145 or so years of hindsight which is ALWAYS 20/20


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