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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 07:18 pm
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Not wishing to argue with anyone, however Lee was just going with the generally accepted 1860 tactics for assault of a triangle defense. The fishook description did not come into use untill the late 1880s. The reasoning as taught at West Point was that you attacked both legs of the triangle to consolidate reserves and trains in the rear and when a strong drive collapsed the point of the triangle (or the center) the defenders would have difficulty not firing on their own troops while the troops from the break through had targets in all directions except their rear where their reserves were comming from. This also gives credibility to concentrating all troops on the copse of trees for the anticipated break through. Also after the second days fighting a CSA unit (Ga I think) reported breaking through, so Bobby Lee had good intel that a break through was not out of the question.  

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