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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 08:27 pm
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Thanks to all of you. I know about the rain-soaked Shiloh misery and the ice storm at Nashville that sealed Hood's fate after Franklin. I can appreciate that because we had an ice storm nearly every winter I lived in Nashville. Whenever I read about Franklin and Nashville, I try to imagine being barefoot, poorly clothed, having eaten only a moldy, stale biscuit and then marching and fighting in frightful frigid winds and ice. How on Earth did they do it?

If I were lots younger I'd research weather and the Civil War. I'd particularly like to know if there were any weather abnormalities such as La Nina or El Nino events. 

Hey! I have a timely question. Does anybody recall a battle, campaign, skirmish or raid that was impacted by a tornado? I don't recall having ever read about such a situation, but the armies did fight at times of the year when tornados would typically hit.

YIKES! Coincidentally, I just looked at the TV. We in Palm Beach County are right now under a tornado watch! I hope we have better luck than Javal had last week.  

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