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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 08:38 pm
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PvtClewell wrote: Fan,

This was the best I could find:

I don't have the book, and it certainly appears to be localized to Virginia. But it might be a start.

Wow! I checked that out. The price new is over $37.00. There are used ones available however. It looks like the kind of book I want even though it is specific to one theater of operations. Thanks, Pvt Clewell.

Maybe I should start a collection of such books and compile my own collection of Civil War events impacted by severe weather be it drought, heat, ice, rain, floods or whatever. I'm interested also in one theory I read somewhere that all the smoke of large battles such as Gettysburg and the monstrous artuillery barrage just before Picket's Charge actually CAUSED the rain. That needs lots of research. It might require a meteorologist to study or explain why or why not that is true.

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