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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 02:21 am
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I did see the sarcasm, couldn't have missed it with a sieve!!!!!  or rather, I thought it was just good humor.  Laughed out loud - was hoping you'd get a giggle, too.

I'm just messin' with you, Guys....

Peace Out and all that.  Let's give it up before one of us does get our iddy-biddy feelings hurt, or the censor comes in, or something.

Except you, Younglobo, you're the exception to all my rules, LOL!

I just thought this was The War Between the Sexes instead of The War Between the States site for a few minutes...

(oh yeah - where the RYR site's at - it's not one of my things, but do a google, cain't miss it!)

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