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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 06:52 am
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  You could well spend  hours answering that question. You could start at the beginning of the alphabet with the ambulance service and go to the end with Count Zepplin (who flew in one of Professor Lowe's balloons).

  For the purpose of this exercise, I'll limit myself to some of the advances made in the area of Navy (a subject seldom discussed on this board).

1) Ironclad ships changed naval warfare forever. Some in the CW were formidable, if unwieldy. This new technology also led to advancements in the engines need to drive them.

2) "Torpedoes", which would now be called floating mines came into their own as a weapon to be reckoned with. If Confederate technology in this area had been a little better, then they could have done considerably more damage. There were even some experiments trying to develop "torpedoes" that would propel themselves. That technology would develop twenty years later.

3) Submersibles finally showed that they could do damage as well. The Confederates even developed a steam powered submersible, though the engine was removed and they went back to hand cranking. The problem was that they were limited by the lack of power and the need to surface every 30 minutes or so for air. Something like today's nuclear submarine only existed in the mind of Jules Verne in those days.

  There are other things that could be added, such as ship design. Some blockade runners could do up to 20 knots which was amazing for that time. That was about as fast as anyone could go for many years after the war, until the turbine engines were developed.

  But, anyway- I only promised to discuss some- and only in one area. Much more has been omitted than included. :D

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