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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 05:15 pm
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The proliferation of rifled guns played a part as well. A battery of rifled guns could stand out of the range of smooth-boars and take out the guns one-by-one (which was a tactic developed: concentration of fire on one opposing gun; moving on the next and the next).

The importance of the rifled musket has been, I think, a bit overblown. True, the massed charge was quickly )but not entirely) abandoned. But the great mass of soldiers did not use the extended range capability of the minie'. They usually still waited for the enemy to get within the "zone of confidence."

Joanie specified "during the war." Seems the Henry and Spencer and other repeating arms had been developed, as had rifled guns. What the war did do to these weapons was the rapid advancement in their manufacture. The telegraph existed, but the war forced its faster development.

Maybe the replacement of the paddle wheel with the screw propeller? How about left and right brogans?


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