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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 06:36 pm
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I'm pretty proud that I went into GI life w/ only about $7k in college debt and I can still find my name among the "staff" at a private university. Showed up w/ an honors scholorship & $800 in my pocket. It was a private Catholic school, few complaints over the quality of my education. IMO I had some of the finest History profs, bar none. I took a couple classes at the UW and still preferred my regular profs.

Frat or Sorority party every weekend (I was paid security/ self defense instructor for one)w/ a LOT of liquor courage. How I'm not dead I don't know. But I know this; Frats & Sororities are no place for anyone wanting to learn anything except how to be social w/ a better than average chance of leaving w/ a "social disease."

As to not eating. Day old loaf of French Bread $.69, 2 litre of Dr Pepper $1.50. Tinned meat like substance $.95. $3 a day. All the coffee I could drink at work. Bought a pallet of Ramen first month of my Sophmore year... it took me most of ten years before I could even look at packet of Ramen again. Painting minis got me extra bill or liquor money. That kind of life... I never want to do it again but I wouldn't trade that experiance for the world.

Now Joanie; Pama is a Pomegranate liquor... very light and tasty. My wife loves it... $26 a bottle.

Chambourg is a raspberry cognac too sweet for my taste but again the wife loves it... $28 a bottle.

A couple MGD's used to do it for her... now she's "refined."

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