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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 08:55 pm
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Just finished the section in Coddington's book on Wright's attack. Coddington questioned Wright's reports of the area of his break through. Rather than resembling the area further north on Cemetery Ridge and the copse of trees Wrights description of the area is more similar to those further south on the ridge. Irregardless, Hill/Anderson provided no support for Wright thus his regiment couldn't have held against the union II and 12th corps.

Currently studying for the Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide test to be hopefully given in December. This is my third reading of Coddingtons book. Have read Pfanz's series twice (which I feel is more detailed than Coddingtons book) and the majority of the major texts on the battle in addition to books on specific aspects - devils den, wheat field, cemetery hill, hospitals, retreat, etc. Visit up there about every 6 weeks. Any other suggestions for study from my esteemed colleaques out there.

Doc C

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