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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 10:14 pm
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There were a lot of firsts in the CW, a lot more than just weaponry. The first Self Propelled Gun (RR mounted Cannon) not to mention the strategic use of the Railroads for moving troops and supplies. First Aerial observation in warfare and consequently the first anti aircraft fire, first succesful use of a submarine in combat, first practical combat use of the internally primed cartridge. Ironically the 20th Centuries attraction to the 75mm Artillery & AT guns stemmed from the 3" (75mm) Ordnance Rifle which saw service (as a breechloading conversion) all the way into WW2. A majority of parts for the M1855 were still interchangeable w/ the last model Trapdoor Springfields.

The influence of the CW: tactically, strategically and industrial upon history cannot be denied. The campaigns of the CW were, and still are, studied, in depth, in war colleges across the world. Grants audacity in movement and manuever in the Vicksburg campaign and Lee's actions at 2nd Bull Run and Chanclorsville will be studied for generations to come to name only a couple relevant studies.

The ability of Johnny Reb to prevail in the face of overwhelming quantative and equipment superiority and of Billy Yank to keep going after so many defeats. Proof to any grand planner that a few costly or even seemingly catastrophic defeats did not mean the end.

So many changes and innovations; is it any wonder so many European Nations sent observers? Or that they were both suprised and frightened by what they saw. Within a decade most nations in Europe were feilding breech loading rifles... and shortly after that magazine fed ones almost exclusively designed and developed initially by Americans. Rolling Blocks, Peabody (predecessor to the Martini Henry), Linder, Berdan all names that would become synonomous w/ military firearms development in the last half of the 19th Century along with names like Remington, Henry (Winchester)Ballard, Sharps. By 1880 every Nation had adopted the ironclad warship w/ turrets and enormous rifled guns.

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