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 Posted: Fri Apr 14th, 2006 05:05 pm
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javal1 wrote:    
   And to the “hard-core” heritage groups I can only say this: Your first inclination will be to call us “anti-Confederate” – that is, after all, your modus operandi. But you got so caught up in making the story about YOU rather than your ancestors that you lost the rest of America. You lost us when you demanded that a Lincoln statue not be put in Richmond. You lost us when you said it was offensive to fly an American flag at the Hunley funerals. And you continue to lose us with your “South Will Rise Again” t-shirts. I’m sure the south will rise again – and in fact has already done so - as part of the United States of America. Most of the southern veterans of the war understood that. Too bad about the intellectual generational degradation.



I liked what you wrote, but wanted to highlight just this part. If no one has seen the petition, here it is:

Click on "View Current Signatures." Some of you might be surprised at some of the comments.

I agree with Joe. They do "lose" us with this sort of thing. I believe some or most of these folks really do wish we were separate countries.


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