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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 03:07 am
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16... I had just graded out of High School and didn't really know. I was giving serious thought about West POint or the Air Force Academy (I knew there was no way I could pass the math side of the entrance exams.) Went an got a job as a field hand, later as a welder at my father shop. Bought my first car that summer, a 1980 Ford Fairmont (old police cruiser) and went to College.

I wanted to be a college professor of history. Not of CW history though.

From the very start I was a History Major w/ a concentration in East Asian Studies doing my thesis on the Mongol Conquests and an English minor. Marco Polo had always fascinated me. History is great, an inspiring subject but it doesn't pay spit, same w/ English. So three years 154 credits later I had nothing that would do me any good in a career and bills out the wazoo. Joined the USAF, 7 years of my life proved to be good, bad and indifferent. In retrospect I wish I had joined up first then went to college; I would have had more $, more experiance and maturity.

I want to wish you the best of luck: Dig in, reach for your dreams and don't be afraid of them.

It's hard to believe I graduated HS most of 20 years ago... Where has all that time gone?

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