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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 03:24 am
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I've been reading the discussion board for around 18 months and have enjoyed reading all of your experiences on this topic so much that it moved me to register.

Around 20 years ago we vowed to visit as many battlefield as we could. To date we have been to 34 plus some other Civil War historic places like Springfield, Ill. Although my favorite is Chancellorsville, the first battlefield we visited was Gettysburg in 1991.

We packed more reference books and maps than clothing! We approached the town from Chambersburg as the south had. When we saw the first statue we jumped out of the car and from that point on we were totally hooked. We saw a sign that said "battlefield tour route", got out our General's Tour from the Blue and Gray, and were off. It took us several hours the first trip around the park, and all that in pouring rain. We spent three wonderful days. The two things I remember most were (1) the high-water mark and, (2) walking Pickett's Charge. I can't describe the emotions we felt as we crossed the field. While we were there, a small group of children and their teacher set out from Seminary Ridge with the stars and bars, giving their version of the rebel yell. When they arrived at the center of the field, however, they all knelt and prayed. That image will always remain with me.

We've been back to Gettysburg several times, on quiet weekends and for the big re-enactments in July, but it will never be the same as that first visit.

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful experiences.


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