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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 03:26 am
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If by"gun" you mean shoulder arms or even hand weapons such as pistols, I don't have a favorite. My favorite heavy artillery weapon of the war is the "Swamp Angel", the 16500-pound rifled Parrott cannon with an eight-inch bore and using a 17-pound powder charge.  It was used to shell the city of Charleston, but did not last very long as it broke free from its special platform in the swamp. It was also one of the first known uses of a compass to aim artillery fire. The shelling of a civilian occupied city evoked considerable outrage by Confederates.

I am also fascinated by"The Dictator", a huge mortar that had to moved on a railroad car. It was used by the Union during the seige of Petersburg and could fire a shell nearly two miles.

As far as I know, the Civil War was the first war that employed manned hot air balloons for intelligence gathering. That was an interesting innovation, but it didn't last long.


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