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 Posted: Fri Apr 14th, 2006 05:23 pm
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I am torn on this particular subject... Many of the southern re-enactors that I know choose not to "recognize" the 34-Star Flag, but take the same pride as the rest of us in the 50-Star version. They do not "blatantly" disrespect the 34, but feel that it would be inappropriate to pay "homage" to the banner of the Union - especially when their ancestor died at the hands of forces that marched under it. I can see this "in theory". I tend to ask myself, "Would Jackson, or Stuart, or Lee, or whoever "recognize" the 34? Probably not - as to them - it was ultimately the banner of a "foreign power". However, I do believe that they would definitely acknowledge and respect the 50-Star today as it represents all of us - united again. 

Likewise, I would think the more serious Federal portrayers would not "salute" the Stars and Bars or CSA Battle Flag. Either way, I think we can all agree that the 50-Star (or any US flags following the 34) represent a united country and deserve to be recognized by all Americans.

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