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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 04:09 am
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I started college with the intent on gettin out of the house. I had moved from Houston Texas to a small town in Illinois just before my senior year in HS. Went to a small college in Jacksonville, IL ..Illinois College,founded in 1829 and the first college in the state.
major was history, minors were not recognized. By the time I graduated, I was married so what I wanted was a job that paid real money. I had worked part time at the state school for the blind and considered grad school in blind mobility. Got a job as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor..did that 10 years, then 3 years as the assistant director of a membership association doing some lobbying.. when Reagan got elected, I had to get a real job! Started selling copy machines. became sales manager, branch manager, copier sales manager, and finally General sales manager.
All my life, my hearing has been wear 2 monster hearing aids and have for 25 years. As my hearing got worse, I had to give up sales management, then sales. I hold a masters degree and was teaching new customers how to use their new copier, that I had just delivered for them....IMPORTANT LESSON: When you work for someone else, they, not you, decide when you can't do something that you know damned well you can!

My wife was office manager for a small office supply company. The owner wanted to retire and asked us if we wanted to buy the place. We said yes, boutght it 10 years ago, and now have tripled the size of the business.

The point of all this is that while you may have a dream job, or wha tyou think is a dream job, reality is that you will probably go in directions you can't even imagine right now. If someone had told me 40 years ago (when I graduated college) that my life would have taken the turns it has,I would have asked them for some of what they were smoking..yet it did

If I was a young man coming out of college today, my dream job would be a NPS site manager/historian/guide..

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