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 Posted: Fri Apr 14th, 2006 05:57 pm
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I think it is ignorant to avoid saluting, honor, ect. any of the flags ,North or South, from the Civil War. I especially think it is ignorant, and to be blunt, just stupid not to honor the 50 star flag. As for the Southern banner, I hold it very dear. Having said that, I think it should be reserved for museums, reenactments, inside your home, and the like. I realize we can't ban people from flying it in their yards, but I wish we could. I wish this, not because I think the flag is a racist symbol, because I don't. Just think about it. Whose yard do you usually see it flying in? The guy with the beat up mobile home (not judging, I used to live in one), cars on blocks, unkept lawn, beer keg and cans scattered throughout, and a skinny pit bull on a chain. What message does this send? I would gladly give up my right to fly it publicly so that guy can't. It is a sacred banner. The rebel flag with Hank Jr.'s picture on it and others like it, you've seen them, are a disgrace to our ancestors. I have mixed feelings about flags on t-shirts. It depends on what context. A t-shirt with the words "The South will Rise Agains" is ridiculous. Even a t-shirt with just a big red confederate flag looks tacky and redneck.

The answer should not be debated. It is CERTAINLY a racist symbol and has been for more than   140 yrs!! 


I disagree with this statement. I think 140 years is stretching it. I don't think it was viewed that way until later on in the early 20th century.

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