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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 07:45 am
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I have been to many battlefields but the one I have returned to three times is Shiloh.  There is something that draws me there.  Bama I would love to arrive there by boat as you described it.  Mrs. Wallace coming to be with her husband.  The first time I was there was just as the park closed.  The rangers were walking out of the headquarters.  It was five o clock.  It had taken longer than I thought to get there.  The rangers gave me a map and said to go ahead and tour the field.  That I could stay til dark.  It was strange to be the only person on the field.  The shadows were deep in some places.  I was just learning about the war . 

I went back the next year and spend much more time there, this summer I was there again on the way home from the Muster in Franklin . 

Now that I have read Cunningham's book I want to go back again as I think I understand more what I am seeing. 

The other battlefield I have returned to is Wilson Creek.  Again both times I was the only one on the field most of the time.  I love that this battlefield does not have any monuments.  It looks much as it was at the time of the battle.  This is where I found a deer , Bama.  It was walking along the tour route minding it's own business, saw me and jumped into the woods next to the road and watched me as I drove by.


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