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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 08:06 am
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I have only wanted to be one thing and one thing only.  A teacher.  My first job in college was working in the Children's centers (child care) after school five days a week and all summer.  I made a whole  .95 cents an hour the first year.  After college where I majored in history and minored in English  (in those days it was a given that if you majored in History your were a minor in English and the other way around if you majored in English your minor was History) I went back to work at the children's center for 1.25 an hour.  I then went back to school to get my teaching credential substituing the whole while I was attending school.  Four years later I finally got a contract to teach here in Huntington Beach.  I stayed here teaching Kindergarten then first grade for 29 years.  Most of the time I taught a gifted first grade class.   I continued to take classes and workshops every year while I was teaching to keep up with the latest information .  I finally got a masters in reading in my 40's . 

When I first started teaching a bunch of us were sitting around the rec room of the apartment building I lived in trying to think up a job for a guy out of work.  There were ten of us sitting around.  My boy friend said , You know there is one person in this room who when she gets up in the morning loves what she is doing and loves going to work.  The whole group said yeah Susan .  I said of course I do. Funny ten years later I ran into the old boyfriend, we started talking , He said you still love what you are doing .  I said yes I do .  One of the reason I retired was I didn't love it as much.  It wasn't the kids, it wasn't the teaching. It was all the other sh*t .  I still miss the kids and  creating the units of study for the kids. 

I was very lucky to have a job I loved for over 30 years.  Now I enjoy giving tours one day a week  and helping out anyway I can at the Drum Barracks.



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