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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 01:44 pm
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US didn't use them, land mines or torpedoes.

A comment about the revolution from smoothbore to rifle. THe most common arm in the US household was the shotgun. Most men had an idea how to fire a shotgun and hit a grouse or pheasent or to go deer hunting. Militry small arms were a slightly different critter. In particular the rifled ones. Most who knew how to use rifles were not accustomed to the minnie but the patched round ball w/ an average range of a little over 250 yards.

Realistic long range at the time was 250 yards... when you take a long hard lok at engagements in the CW most shooting was done at ranges of 50 to 100 yards. A range at which the rifle really has no advantage over a smoothbore firing buck n ball (a purely American thing I might add) the problem wasn't so much the innovation of the weapon but that no one bothered to really teach the private soldier how to shoot. Some men knew, some men thought they did and others just blasted away like it was their shotgun at home. Those who knew how to shoot made a difference and were often singled out right away for special duty.

Of all the Divisions, Corps and Armies of the CW only Cleburne set up a realistc and effective sytem to teach his men how to shoot. He used the British system which was very effective. A Colonel in an Iowa camp of instruction IIRC did something similar w/ the French system which was different as it stressed fire and rapid movement. Cleburne's actions are remebered while the Colonel isn't siply because his teaching system wasn't as effective for the tactics involved.

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