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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 03:47 pm
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I've been meaning to read Bloody Roads South and never have.  I had the opportunity to hear Trudeau speak once and he was very interesting to listen to.  The other stuff I've read are mostly general works.  Clearly, it is Gordon Rhea who has done the most research on the Overland Campaign. 

About maps - I'm a map freak.  Book in one hand and map in the other is what I like to do.  I've found the best ones are in books, with some being better than others.  The absolute best in my opinion are Mark A. Moore's books on Bentonville and Wilmington/Fort Fisher.  These are incredible.  I often bring these materials to the battlefield when I visit them.  Online you can download all of the NPS maps from their website.  The CWPT has some wonderful maps that they include in their mailings.  These have been put on CD.  If you go to the Stones River website,  you'll be treated with about a dozen hand-drawn maps by Ed Bearss. CW is another good source for maps online.  I'm sure there a lot of good ones scattered about that I've yet to discover.


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