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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 04:34 pm
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I have read a large number of books on Shiloh including the Sword books, and Shelby Foote's SHILOH, but mostly I go with a copy of "The West Point Atlas of the Civil War" edited by Col vincent Esposito.. a gift from a favorite uncle.

Shiloh is indeed often almost deserted, it was in the middle of nowhere at the time of the battle and is still there... One of my most favorite things to do is to just walk aimlessly and read monuments... the neglected ones way off in the woods..I go not so much to locate usit positions and the like, but recreate in my mind the ebb and flow of the battle and to imagine what those brave men on both sides must have felt during the furious fighting that took place there.  And I shed tears every single time I go to the Confederate Burial Trench. I also have been known to get somewhat unruly if others do not observe decorum there.
I am reminded of the phrase " it is quiet, soldiers sleep there"

As an aside about 7 miles north of the battlefield lies McNairy County...the home of Buford Pusser of "Walking Tall" fame.

Susan, when I come by boat it is from upriver and part of the fun is to get locked thru Pickwick Dam.. just me is a little 17 foot bassboat going up or down depending...
Grant and Miz Wallace would have gone upriver from Savannah to Pittsburg Landing, while I go downriver.

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