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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 09:10 pm
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First of all trying to get a job as a professor when you can no longer do anything else is going to mean you will not get hired as a professor either. 

Second  college history is much more than knowing dates ,places and people. 

Third  Take it from someone who learned the hard way , even if it doesn't grab you attention there are certain required classes that have to be taken .  You will need to pay attention to them or fail.

Fourth History and English majors are great for background  but other majors that prepared you for the job market are very important.  Most teachers I knew had history or English majors.   A few had science majors.  My niece majored in art and then got her masters in Education .  She is now teaching kindergarten in a private school. 

Listen to these people posting .  They know what they are talking about .  They have been there done that. 


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