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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 09:43 pm
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I've been a Teacher, a Human Resources Manager and now I am a Career Advisor (help people go to school, counsel them on Career choices/paths, teach resume writing, job interviewing and job search workshops, etc.). Of thoe three career fields, teaching was the best!

As a Career Counselor, I must tell you: get into a field that you are good at AND enjoy! If either of those two elements is missing, you'll be miserable!

 A study done by the UCLA suggests the average American, during the course of their working years changes careers (not jobs, per se, but careers....there's a big difference) an average of 7 times! Why? Because they don't like what they do, they keep changing jobs, their business/employer closes so they have to find something else, a variety of reasons. But, I digress to my previous point: be good at what you do and enjoy it!

Of the three careers I had, teaching paid the least but was the most satisfying! To this day, I'd accept a pay cut if I could teach again! Well, I could teach again, but I'd have to go back to school to update classes, then, more than likely, have to move to take a job. I'm too settled in where we live now to uproot my family.

Anyway, do what you enjoy and DO NOT let money influence your decision! Go get your PhD and teach....after all, SOMEONE has to be a college professor, why not you?

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