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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 11:28 pm
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The proverbial "edge" has been and may always be what the grunt can capably handle effectively. Accuracy may never have been a factor.

Bama has mentioned the M-16. It was adopted primarily because the grunt could carry more .223 rounds than he could .308. It was never, to my knowledge, influenced by accuracy. It was, however, a nod to rate of fire and weight of ammo.

The grunt has never been considered a point and shoot unit. It's more often that they might throw enough lead that way so the opposing force might get tired of dodging it and go away.

It is true that a handful of actual marksmen make a difference in a firefight, but it is also true that you can't know how many of those will actually function as marksmen when bullets are flying.

Firepower is elusive.


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