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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2008 05:30 am
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"that boy's done broke my heart"

I understand about your broken heart.  But, please give the boy a break and a fresh look. 

He went through some very bad things and very bad times, but he made the best of it, and is coming out being his best self and living up to his promise.  Being his own self, with no one dragging him down now.

He had to get away from the things that kept him down, and made him less than he could be..... order to give those who care about him the best of himself, while being his best self, to boot.

He has talked about this in some of the most open and touching and dignified and human interviews I ever saw.

I wasn't  a real Junior fan until I saw him cowboy up the way he did.  Now, I am a Junior Fan.

And I have learned a lot from him, too.

His Daddy would be so proud, that he is making his own way.  As did his daddy.

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