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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2008 05:44 am
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Kj, I had to record it all! Working & sick today and cain't wait to see it all when I can truly take it in.

I got a list of drivers I want so much to see make on time. They all cain't do it, so my heart gets broke for more than once every qualifying day.

But when one of those guys makes it, I jest light up.

Since Smoke and Junior cain't win them all, this year, I want to see win:

Awesome Bill
Sterling Marlin
Kenny Schrader
Kenny Wallace

and hey, I got at least three more. I'm so tired, tomorrow I'll be embarrassed that they didn't roll off my tongue and onto the keyboard. Fine drivers not finding thet right ride, when they make my heart soar...

Every time I watch qualifying, there are about 6 go-or-go-homers who my heart breaks for.

But- whoo-hoo Herminator; for sure I am jest so happy for him and will be cheering him on awful hard.

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