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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2008 07:56 am
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Dang it, too sick to sleep!  My lungs keep filling up and I cough myself awake.  Like hitting my head against the wall, it will feel so good when it is over!

"The Overland Campaign falls only into the general, started and stopped, category. My understanding is limited to that general view."

Have you read of Spotsylvania in any detail?  Michael and I had a brief exchange about this earlier in the thread, but it is the ONE BATTLE in the CW that I am completely entralled with. It is the only battle that I have studied in serious detail, just because I cain't stop myself. 

OK, I'm hijacking agian, but Spotsylvania completely captivates me. And, it was just before Cold Harbor...

If I just read the words, "mule-shoe salient", my heart starts beating faster.  G-Burg, ho-hum - Spotslyvania, yes!

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