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 Posted: Sat Apr 15th, 2006 03:16 pm
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Friends...I have been reading the latest posts regarding the  "Confederate Battle Flag as a Racist Symbol (or not)", and I see once again the  attempt to "MISDIRECT" our attention by downplayingthe role of the KKK in history. It was MY claim that the Battle flag as a symbol of hate was used for  140 years, while appeared on the battle field for only about  3 years (though NEVER recognized by the Confederacy as an 'officially' adopted flag).  Formed in June 1866 by six Confederate veterans, the group spread like wildfire throughout the South and it quickly became a vehicle for hooded terrorism.  The KLAN reached it's peak  membership in  1868 to 1870!  NOT the mid to later 20th Century !  The words "spreading terrorism" was used as early as late quarter of 1866.(See White Terror: The KKK Conspiracy and Southern Reconstruction by Trelease) Congress introduced the 15th Amendment in 1869, (passed in 1870) and the  second Enforcement Act was enacted in 1871. It was the position of Grant, along with others, that the Klan was attempting  to reverse the decision at Appomattox.  By April 20, 1871 the "KuKlux Klan  Bill" was passed by Congress.  The Atty. Gen (Ackerman, a Southerner) declared the  State of South Carolina  was over run by Klan terrorist activity and thousands of KKK members were indicted, and another 3000 were forced to flee the State.  This was repeated in other States and "Anti-Terrorism" actions were reported in the press. AndYES, TERRORISM & ANTI-TERRORISM were the actual words used to describe the actions of these former Reb Veterans since 1866!!  With former  Racist Reb Gen. Forrest as the declared 'Grand Wizard", in 1866-1867 the Klan burned  black schools, beat teachers, threatened white shop owners who employed black workers, intimidated voters and beat AND murdered political opponents. The avowed purpose (in 1866-on) was to "undermine reconstruction"....not MY words, but THEIRS.  The Klan was committed to serve the planter class and restore white supremacy. (see a"Short History of Reconstruction, Foner, page 184)So, if you folks STILL can't accept  that the Reb Battle Flag is a Racist symbol, or that my charge it HAS been for about 140 yrs., why not convince me? Oh, yes.  include your reference material.  I have a lot more I can direct you to....including Presidential papers, US Marshalls orders and the Congressional Records!  Best to all...ULYSSES

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