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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2008 03:28 pm
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Dixie Girl, if you are just doing a report on Forrest (and not a Master's thesis), the book I suggested for you is far too comprehensive and would take too long to read and digest into a high school report. Also the language is quite old-fashioned for our times. 

That said, if you hope to be a historian, reading a book such as the one I described would be very beneficial because much of the research you will be doing with primary sources will be written and spelled in the archaic language of the times you are researching. You might as well expose yourself to that type of writing to discover if you really want to spend hours and years of your life reading such material.

Another benefit of reading Wyeth is that he is undisquished in his admiration of Forrest. It is an instructive exercise to read the book with that in mind then follow that with a book that is reputed to be more objective, one that portrays both Forrest's considerable talents and his flaws. No general was perfect, not even Lee or Grant.

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