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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2008 04:05 pm
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My degree is in Advertising. I have never worked on single, solitary day in advertising in my life of sixty-four years. As others have said above, life can take so many abrubt twists and turns, curves and hills, rivers and floods. You simply do not at sixteen have any way to know where it will go. At sixteen I never, ever could have predicted the wild and wooly life I would eventually lead. Most people here could say the same about their own lives.

But you are doing one thing right. You have a plan and that is the best start. If history is your plan, start reading history constantly. If you want to teach history, take a course in public speaking. My best friend at the University of Florida dropped out. She wanted to be a teacher, but she could not complete the required public speaking course because the "stage fright" made her physically ill.

I knew history majors at U of F who would fall asleep trying to read the hundreds of pages assigned to them each week. They throw it at you hard and fast in college. You will find, too, that some periods of history will seem stultifyingly boring and others such as the Civil War will be boundlessly fascinating. Even in the Civil War period there are writers and professors who manage to make the most interesting history dull. Their books and classes will be soporific. Take the bad along with the good.

But you are doing the right thing. You have a paln. You have an interest. You are not auditioning for AMerican Idol. You have a plan that will carry you through nearly the next decade of your life to prepare for. Go for it, gal. 

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