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 Posted: Sat Apr 15th, 2006 11:46 pm
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I like a man who comes with sources. Nice information Grant and thanks for sharing it. One thing caught my eye when I read your statement... "the Reb Battle Flag is a Racist symbol..." It got me thinking...

What exactly IS a "racist symbol" nowadays? And what isn't? Is a racist symbol ultimately in the eye of the beholder? And if so, then isn't it racist to some - and not racist to others? In other words, sure it's a racist symbol (to some) And, no way is it a racist symbol (to others.) So there isn't a right or wrong answer here.  

Maybe I'm insensitive and waaaay too anti-ACLU, but I'm not one that believes all symbology needs to change in order to cater to a liberal, PC-agenda. I don't support the notion that the Washington Redskins name and logo needs to be changed, or that Kentucky Fried Chicken needed to be changed to KFC or that The Passion is anti-semetic. Its all relative and its all in the eye of the beholder. Get over it people and move on. (and I say that in a nice way to both sides of the issue).

So YES it is and NO it isn't. I can't disagree either way anymore. Thanks for letting me rant.
And I am going to check out some of the sources you have listed.

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