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 Posted: Sun Apr 16th, 2006 12:16 am
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  The battle flag itself is not a symbol of racism. It is used by racist groups to promote their agenda, that is true. This immoral use of the flag does not make the flag itself a symbol of racism. No one is defending hate groups or "misdirecting" attention from hate groups.

  I repeat my call for laws to prevent the use of historical symbols for the pursuit of racist agendas. I repeat my call for forgiveness and compassion. I repeat my call for education of the historical background of the period.

  I stated that the Stars and Stripes should be banned for the same reasons you claim the battle flag should be. Here is an article that maybe of interest to you: 

  Please let me know what you think. As for the time frame, until the Civil Rights Movement little was done to ban any Confederate flag for public display. In the late 1980's the NAACP began to protest the displaying of the flag and it is still fighting in the 21st century to have it removed from public. The KKK from the beginning was a misguided attempt to continue the war. There has been many attempts, starting immediately after the Civil War, to outlaw hate groups, this is not the same as the fight to remove the flag from public display. Your statement of the use of the flag is exactly my point, it is used. Its' use does not make the flag itself a symbol of racism only the ideology of the groups is a symbol of racism.

  Thank you for your information and I look forward to your future posts.



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