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 Posted: Sun Apr 16th, 2006 02:46 am
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Shadowreb,MAubrecht,  The topic of my last post was to clarify to those who  felt that the Racist agenda using the Reb Battleflag did NOT  extend historically for 140 years, I think I read your remarks as "...140 years is stretching it bit. "And further, some of you thought all this occurred in the mid-20th century.!  While there was a resurgence in Klan growth in the 20th century, I am hopeful you will read my post, look up the reference material, and at least CONSIDER that 140 years is quite accurate, and you should know I do not "stretch" anything a bit! In "Patriotism on Parade" a book dealing with the GAR, UVU, etc. There are details how the GAR told members to not participate in parades or events where the Rebel Battle Flag was displayed.  When Grover Cleveland hatched a plan to return captured battle flags to the South, there was such an outcry from Union veterans that he withdrew the plan.  Some believe that idea finished him politically.  (T.Roosevelt did carry out the idea when he was in office years later). I share this to dispell comments that "no one seemed interested in the battle flag" until recent times...the book (Patriotism on Parade) is available from Harvard Press and the Military Archives in Carlisle, Pa. will photocopy some of it, if you don't mind waiting for them to get around to it!  Best to All Board members....Ulysses  

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